DC Rebirth News



I've been meaning to post something about this for a while now, but I am only just getting around to it. I know that DC's upcoming Rebirth is, shall we say, somewhat controversial among comic fans in general and Monarch customers in specific, but it is the reality (whatever that means) and those of you who are DC fans are going to have to decide whether you are coming along for the ride or not.

To hopefully make your decision easier, DC is releasing a special Rebirth magazine catalog on 4/13 that will detail all of their June Rebirth-ing plans. Here's the solicitation copy:

DC UNIVERSE: REBIRTH is coming from DC Entertainment in June-and to celebrate that momentous event, all of DC Entertainment's products for this month will be solicited in a special stand-alone catalog called DC PREVIEWS.

This free, 96-page catalog measures 8.125" x 10.875" and will feature behind the scenes development material from DC UNIVERSE: REBIRTH. It will also include full solicitations for June on-sale comics (plus one very important comic hitting stores on May 25), along with July trade paperbacks, August hardcovers, October DC Collectibles items and more!

We will be offering this catalog for free, while supplies last. Anyone who buys a copy of the April Previews will, of course, be guaranteed a copy of it as well.

Once I have the solicitation material available to me I am going to launch a new Google Form that will give you the opportunity to vote on which Rebirth titles you are going to be interested in checking out. No purchase necessary, of course, but I think it will be a good way to at least give me some kind of idea of how many copies to have on the racks come June. I have a feeling that in some cases it is going to be a bit tricky...lol.