Weekly Subscription Form 3/23/16

Hey, Folks!

Please click HERE to access the 10/23/16 edition of the Monarch Comics Subscription Form (brought to you by Google Forms)!

First off, sorry for the delay this week, but the store lost its phone, internet, and credit card machine for over four hours this afternoon. It only just clicked on again recently and I am still playing catch up!

Second, since the beginning of this new & improved subscription form, I have been endeavoring to include as much product on the list as I can. I had a system going where I thought I was getting as much material as I could, but I found a new resource that enables me to list even more new titles whether we actually carry them on the rack or not. Hopefully, this will give those of you with more alternative tastes a better selection of comics to chose from every week!

All of which brings us to my third point which is to remind you that if I have to order in a title that we don't normally carry then it may take anywhere from later on Wednesday afternoon to the following week before I can get your copy in the store. There may also be cases that by the time I process your order an item may sell out or go to backorder. I will inform you on case by case basis if this happens, but, for the most part, I am only posting stuff that I am pretty certain I can supply.

Have a great weekend, Folks, and, as usual, please let me know if you have any questions or if the Google Form isn't working properly!


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