EDitorial 11/16/12


Good afternoon, Beloved Monarch Minions!




Well, today has been a far better experience for me than last Friday. As my regular readers may remember last Friday was a certified “Day From Hell” and one that didn't get particularly better once I left the office, although I did get to avail myself of The Librarian's company. This morning looked like it might turn out to be as sideways as last week, but I managed to pull it from the brink of the Abyss and now I am happy as a clam fulfilling my long standing dream of being a humble worker bee within the bustling hive of the comic industry. Not only did I manage to drag my rapidly deteriorating carcass out of my sleep pit with enough time to head to the gym, but I actually put the effort into a full-fledged workout before getting home to shower and shave and leaving enough time to hit the good ol' GGC to breakfast with The Librarian. All in all a relatively perfect start to a satisfactory work experience.

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