EDitorial 9/28/12

Greetings, Monarch Fans!

Welcome back to the return of yet another gripping installment of the EDitorial, courtesy of Facebook! Okay, maybe “gripping” is stretching the truth a bit. Maybe I should be shooting for “vaguely entertaining”. Heck, I'd settle for it being a somewhat distracting way for you to kill 10 minutes while you are stuck behind the desk of whatever hopelessly boring white collar job at which you are currently enslaved. Then again, considering ti usually takes me anywhere from an hour to an hour and half to think up interesting things to say and then get them down on paper it could very well be that getting only ten minutes of entertainment value is the very definition of “diminishing returns”. Oh well, if nothing else it gives me something to do besides sit here at my desk and whine about how bored I am while The Boss barks at me to find something to do. 

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